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"The oldest, shortest words–‘yes' and ‘no'–are those which require the most thought."        Pythagoras

Writing the acceptance letter is not as difficult as being sure you want to say "yes" in the first place. Once you decide to accept a job offer, etc., it is a simple matter to say so. This is one of the least difficult letters to write.

Acceptance letters may be written for a variety of reasons:

AcceptanceJob applications / offers

AcceptanceAdmissions requests: schools / clubs / organizations

AcceptanceMembership: board / commission / organization / club

AcceptanceOffice: political / business / social club


AcceptanceSpeaking engagements

AcceptanceChanges requested

AcceptanceInvitations: dinner / meeting / party / luncheon / hospitality

Acceptances are invariably brief and deal only with the acceptance. Be enthusiastic in your response. It is entirely proper to simply state your acceptance and repeat the details of it to your employer, i.e. your terms of acceptance. If possible, add at least one sentence containing something personal or cheerful.

Send your acceptance as soon as possible. Avoid ungracious and unnecessary amplifications. Let your "yes" be a simple "yes". If you have reservations or difficulties with your acceptance, it may be better to decline.

Clarity is very important in employee-employer letters. Many problems can be avoided when informal agreements and decisions are spelled out clearly. The professionals at JaneCo's Sensible Solutions can facilitate this process for you and are experienced in knowing what to include in an acceptance letter. Knowing what to say and what not to say may make all the difference with your terms of acceptance.

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