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A verbal resignation may be in some cases all that is necessary to resign from a company or an organization. However, it is both wise and useful for both the employee and employer to have a written record of the resignation. The common practice is to resign in person with a follow-up letter.

Tips on writing a letter of resignation:

  • Begin by writing something positive or complimentary about the position / organization / company that you are leaving.

  • State that you will be resigning, effective as of a specific date.

  • In most cases, you need to give a reason for resigning.

  • You may want to offer help to find or train your replacement
    if you are leaving in a friendly spirit.

  • End the letter on a pleasant tone expressing appreciation for something.

  • Do not use a letter of resignation as a dumping ground for complaints and anger.

  • If you have been asked to resign or have been discharged, your letter should not refer to this.

Remember that your letter goes into official records. In our highly litigious society, you will want to avoid anything in your letter to the employer that could be misconstrued or used against you later. There is little excuse for allowing negative emotions to appear in letters between employees and employers. Don't burn your bridge, because you may need to cross it sometime in the future, especially when you list this job as part of your work history or you need to use this employer as a reference.

Whether or not you find yourself overly involved emotionally, it may be best to leave this to the professionals at JaneCo's Sensible Solutions.

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